Free at Last?

March 3, 1999
His expectations are unrestrained;

   CLEVELAND - You may not recognize Ron Mercer Friday night at the FleetCenter when theCeltics play the Nuggets. It will be the night, Mercer hopes, that his right knee is freed.

"I'm supposed to talk to the doctors [ today] ," Mercer said last night. "I might be able to get this robo-equipment off my leg." 

The Celtics' shooting guard was referring to the heavy brace he has had to wear since spraining his knee in practice last month. The first brace Mercer wore was too heavy. The one he wears now is considerably lighter. But when you spend as much time in the air as Mercer does, the last thing you need is a brace restricting your movement.

It has been a while since Mercer felt any pain in his knee, but the team wanted him to wear the brace as a precaution for a couple weeks.

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