Bench Scores 7 in Home Win Over Hawks Despite Big Game from Doc Rivers

Atlanta Hawks

7-2 (Lost 1)
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Boston Celtics

7-2 (Won 4)
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November 19, 1986


Lex said...

Ah, the infamous Jon Koncak. One of the first big white stiffs to get overpaid.

Lex said...

Though a reliable defender for much of his career, Koncak is perhaps best remembered for the six-year, US$ 13 million contract he received from the Hawks in 1989 – an unprecedented total for a reserve. The deal was roundly criticized since it paid Koncak more than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. His large contract prevented the Hawks from taking part in any other major free agent signings for several years. As a result, he earned the derisive nickname "Jon Contract."

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