Bullets End C's Historic Home Winning Streak (Sort of)

Washington Bullets

8-8 (Won 2)
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Boston Celtics

10-5 (Lost 1)
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December 2, 1986

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Lex said...


It wasn't on the parquet floor, and the fans were a bunch of strangers
from Connecticut.
Nonetheless, the Boston Celtics' "home" winning streak was ended
Tuesday night.
Jeff Malone scored 36 points as the Washington Bullets ended the Celtics'
streak at 48 games with a 117-109 victory at the Hartford Civic Center, where
the Celtics host four games each season.

"It isn't Boston Garden, but we beat them," said Moses Malone.
The Celtics had not lost a home game since Dec. 6, 1985, when they lost
at Boston Garden to the Portland Trail Blazers. The home winning streak began
when they beat the Atlanta Hawks four days later at the Hartford Civic Center.
"I used to say that I didn't like streaks, but now I realize that I do
like them," said Celtic coach K.C. Jones. "This ended our streak, even
though we weren't at the Garden. We were the team in white, so it was a home
game for us."
It was the first victory for the Bullets on the road this season after
seven straight losses.

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