Celtics Won 85% of Home Games During Bird Era

Larry Bird played his first regular season NBA game on  Friday, October 12, 1979, and played his last regular season game twelve and a half years later on April 3, 1992. During his career in Beantown, the Boston Celtics made the vaunted parquet a miserable place for opponents to play (technically, some of these "home" games were played outside of Boston in places such as Hartford, Connecticut).

The Celtics won 418 home games and lost 74 over this time span, for a winning percentage 85% or an average of 35 wins and 7 losses per year. During the 1985-86 season, the Celtics were one sleepwalking episode away from running the table, including a perfect post-season at home. Even during the 1988-89 season, when Larry Bird played only 6 games due to injury, the Celtics posted a 32-9 record at home, in contrast to a 10-31 record on the road.

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