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November 1, 1997
Greg Minor said he simply wants people to know his side of the story. Before last night's season opener vs. the Bulls, the injured Celtic guard spoke about his summer, a summer in which his three children were evicted from their Louisville, Ky., home because Minor allegedly did not pay enough child support.

Minor spoke softly for about 30 minutes and said:

- He never received court papers that showed that his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Celestyne Rowan, was suing him for increased child-support payments. 

He said court notices notifying him of this were sent to the home of his mother, who didn't open any of his mail. He acknowledged that people may see that as an excuse, but he insisted that his mother has always sent his documents to him. He said he found out months later that he had missed a court date.

- His children have never wonted for anything.

He pays $ 13,000 a month in child support and has set up trust funds for his children. "I talk to them about once or twice a week," he said. He said he only sees them a few times a year. He did question the budgeting of Rowan. He also said he had "three or four different ways" of making sure she had money, including an automatic deduction from one of his bank accounts.

- He may not have responded well in the beginning to his class for batterers, but he appreciates the class now.

"I think in the first eight weeks, I may have blamed Celestyne for my problems," he said. "But after that, I began to understand that the class was good for me." There were reports that Minor was falling asleep in the classes and not contributing to the conversations. He acknowledged dozing off at times, but added that the classes usually came after long Celtic practices.

- He may not have made it through his rough summer had it not been for his girlfriend, Stephanie Berrack.

"It would have been really easy for her to give up on me," he said.

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