Barros Biding Time

November 12, 1997
Dana Barros is sixth on the Celtics in minutes per game, but he was 12th in the last game. As in, he didn't get off the bench.

Barros said yesterday that he hasn't been in that position since his early days in Seattle. This is one individual who is used to playing, who once played in 167 straight games. He's hoping to start a new streak tonight against the Nuggets. 

"I'm taking it day by day," Barros said. "It's early, man. I'm not down about it. I've been through a lot over my career, and this is not a big ordeal. I'm just going to have to fight for time and play hard in practice."

Barros started the first two games before yielding to Chauncey Billups. His time Saturday went to the activated Tyus Edney, who had 11 points and 10 assists in 26 minutes.

Coach Rick Pitino reiterated yesterday that he feels Edney is his best pure point guard and is in the mix for his backcourt of the future. He also mentioned Billups, Ron Mercer, and, yes, Barros as possibilities.

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