Point Guard Problem

November 9, 1997
The Celtics have a point guard problem. Quite simply, they have too many. What that meant last night was a first for Dana Barros: A DNP-CD in the Celtics' 105-96 loss to the Bucks. 

Rick Pitino raved about Tyus Edney (11 points, 10 assists) after the game. He also was pleased with parts of Chauncey Billups's game, although the coach was incensed when he wanted a timeout after a Milwaukee hoop and Billups instead lost the ball. So with 26 minutes for Edney and 22 for Billups, that left none for Barros.

Any reason?

"Talk to me about the guys that I did go to," Pitino said. "I can't play three point guards in a game, so I played Tyus."

With 15 players on the roster, the Celtics will have to make a few more moves. Don't be surprised if a point guard is dealt.

No concession speech

Pitino said he never believed the hype. He was never ready to put the 1997-98 Celtics in the Finals. He wasn't even ready to have them prepare to be the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

So the Celtics coach and president was surprised at the surprise of others when he said last week, "It's not going to happen this year, no matter what people say." He also said his team is not a "legitimate basketball team."

It is only November. The season is only six games old. The citizens want to know: Has Pitino conceded already?

"Maybe that's what they say on talk radio, but anyone who knows me realizes that's the furthest thing from my mind," he said.

Two injured; two activated

The Celtics made it official last night, putting Dontae Jones and John Thomas on the injured list and activating Edney and Greg Minor. The official injuries are a left groin pull for Jones and a left biceps contusion for Thomas. They join Roy Rogers, who has knee soreness . . . Dee Brown and Pitino got into a brief, heated exchange with nine minutes left in the game. Brown was removed from the game and never returned.

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