House the Havoc-Wreaker


Celtics coach Doc Rivers had an Eddie House conundrum during the past two years. On one hand, he needed him on the floor because of his infectious energy and shooting ability. On the other, there were times when Rivers couldn't play one of the best gunners in the NBA because of concerns about House's ability to handle pressure in the backcourt and defend bigger guards. Now the Celtics believe they have found the solution and that solution's name is Marquis Daniels. At 6-foot-6, with the ability to handle the ball like a point guard, Daniels allows House to focus on his shooting and general havoc-wreaking ability.


Eddie's overall ability to wreak-havoc is indeed underrated, as is his ability to hot-wire his team with a charge of electricity. Even his passing ability is better than you might think, especially when's he's passing from a half-court set. Regardless of what he's doing, it usually is a net plus for the team, so long as he's not bringing the ball up the court.

Interestingly, Eddie House has averaged approximately the same number of minutes over the last two seasons, 19 MPGs two years ago and 18.3 last year. Could the addition of Marquis Daniels enable Eddie to increase his minute above the 20 MPG threshold? Perhaps. At the same time, I think you max out Eddie's productivity right around that 20-minute marker, after which we often see the law of diminishing returns kick in.

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