1988 NBA Playoffs: Walton's Return Now on Hold


The Celtics say they never intended to return Bill Walton to the roster for last night's game, whether or not his foot acted up on him this week. "It was erroneously reported by a local television station (Channel 4) that he was set to be activated," general manager Jan Volk said yesterday. "There wasn't a predetermined timetable and we don't expect there'll be one."

After he practiced Tuesday and (vigorously) Wednesday, there'd been some speculation that Walton would be added to the active roster for the first time since last year's playoffs and his July surgery. Any chance of that evaporated when the soft tissue in Walton's foot kicked up and he missed Thursday's session.

"Bill pushed himself quite hard this week," said Volk, "and it's time to back off for a little while."

Team brass would prefer to see Walton put three or four solid workouts together without experiencing pain afterwards, rather than rush him back into action and risk further injury. "He'll be monitored," Volk said. "And when it's right for Bill to go back to practice, he will."

Rookie guard Reggie Lewis, the man most likely to go if Walton returns, didn't dress last night. Seems a groin injury developed after he looked especially frisky in Thursday's practice. When the injury was announced last night, the Boston Garden crowd reacted with skeptical laughter.

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