Red, Ainge, and Racquetball

When asked for his funniest Auerbach moment, Ainge told of playing racquetball against Auerbach between two-a-day training camp workouts. At the time, Auerbach was in his mid-60s and getting the better of Larry Bird and McHale on the racquetball court. Then, he challenged Ainge to a game. Ainge promptly beat Auerbach three straight times.

"I beat him the first three games and he wouldn't let me quit," said Ainge. "I said, 'Red, I've got a second practice. I'm trying to win a job.' But he made me stay and play racquetball. Well, Bird and McHale came in for the later part of this, probably only an hour before our second practice is going to start. He still wants to beat me. So, Bird and McHale noticed that I didn't have the string around my [wrist] and that's illegal. They tattled on me ... He had to make me put the string around one hand [so I couldn't switch hands], then Red beat me. He went and bragged for the rest of camp that he beat me in racquetball."

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