Tiny Returns to Boston in Bucks Uniform

1983-84 Boston Celtics
Celtics 119, Bucks 105
Record: 2-1

Tiny Archibald held court before his return to the Garden in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform last night. Asked about his relationship wth ex-Celtic coach Bill Fitch, Archibald said, "I talked to Bill when I saw him. I don't think Bill is bitter about me and I'm not bitter about him. Maybe I stepped out of line saying certain things, but I still feel I wasn't used as I should be used. But I don't think Bill hates me or anything.

In his first two games as Milwaukee's playmaker, Archibald played 47 minutes, hit 8 of 11 from the floor, 2 of 2 from the line and doled out 6 assists. "Tiny's playing great," said backcourtmate Sidney Moncrief. "He's a welcome addition . . . He has a different personality, but he's never given me the impression of a pouter. He likes to win and, in the process, play a lot. That's no different than any player."

Moncrief didn't play in Milwaukee's loss in Detroit Tuesday night due to a sore right shoulder. "I hurt it in a freak accident," said the All-Star guard. "I've had trouble since training camp, but it should be OK in the next couple of days." . . . Ancient center Bob Lanier still has trouble playing two nights in a row due to his wobbly knees. In Detroit Tuesday, Lanier tagged Pistons' center Bill Laimbeer with a wicked elbow. No foul was called.

Speaking of fouls, picketing official Jack Madden had this to say about the 2000 whistles that were handed out outside the Graden by striking referees before last night's game: "Our objective is to pass them out to the fans as a symbol of referees. Once the game starts, we don't expect them to blow them. We wouldn't want somebody to disrupt the game. We did this in Chicago in '77 and it had a very positive affect."

Bucks' coach Don Nelson faked out the striking referees. He had the Bucks enter through a back door instead of in front of the Garden, where union leader Richie Phillips had organized his picket line . . . Moncrief on new Celtic guard Dennis Johnson: "He's a tough, intelligent ballplayer. He always created problems for my game." . . . New Celtics' owners Don Gaston, Alan Cohen and Paul Dupee got their first look at the Celtics in a regular-season game.

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