Celtics Boost Prices

June 9, 2005
The future is now. At least that is the Celtics' new marketing slogan as they try to sell season tickets at slightly increased prices from last season. 

The most expensive courtside seats remain $700, while seats just behind courtside increased from $225 to $250, the bottom half of sections 1 and 12 increased from $170 to $180, and other seats in the lower sideline sections also rose $10 (from $140 to $150). Prices for the rest of the sections remained essentially the same, though new $15 seats took the place of some of the cheapest seats located at the back of the upper deck, which had been $10. The cheapest seats, in other sections of the upper bowl, remain $10. It's likely individual ticket price increases will remain similarly small.

    Most interesting about the slick package sent to prospective season ticket buyers was how the Celticspromoted the team. Boston's three 2004 first-round picks Al Jefferson, Tony Allen, and Delonte West were featured on the cover.

What can you tell from the order of photos in a promotional campaign? Probably not much. But it's clear the Celtics are banking on their young talent.

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