Taylor Coppenrath is in the House

July 3, 2005
Taylor Coppenrath will be on the Celtics' summer league team in Las Vegas and here's hoping that whoever coaches the team gives him some significant playing time.

Coppenrath's college coach, Tom Brennan , reports the ex-Vermont star was somewhat disappointed not to have been picked in the draft. "What frustrates me," the ever-quotable Brennan said, "is that this is a league where people pay $90 million to Allan Houston and then don't see what this kid did. If you pay attention and watch how he's grown, to me, it was a shock he wasn't drafted. But my heart is firmly on my sleeve. I really thought the Celtics would take him at 50 or 53."

    It may benefit Coppenrath more not to have been drafted, in that he'll be on display for everyone in summer league and is a free agent. And, if that doesn't work, there are some attractive offers in Europe, where his kind of game (low-post scoring) might be appreciated.

As for Coppenrath's buddy, T. J. Sorrentine , Brennan said the guard has drawn a lot of interest from Miami and plans to play on the Heat's summer league team. Sorrentine also has options across the pond, Brennan said.

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