Big Three Reunion?


Well, the Celtics have Ray Allen in place. Er, um, I mean Al Horford. Of course this reminds everyone of another poker play Danny Ainge made a few years back. If Danny's mindset were like it was circa July 2007, and there's no reason to think it's not, what behind-the-scenes maneuvering might we expect this time?

For starters, we already know Danny might have played the Kendrick Perkins card. Perkins, of course, is good friends with Kevin Durant, and so, really why the hell not leverage the Beast to land KD. The Celtics could do worse than adding Perkins to the roster as thirteenth or fourteenth man if it means getting #35 in green.

Is that it?

Is that all we can expect from the not-so-young Danny?


I suspect Danny's already been on the phone with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Before you shout "hold your horses, moron!" Just remember Danny trying to resurrect Reggie Miller out of retirement. And, if I'm right, you pretty much can bet that Pierce and Allen are on the bat phone to Durant.

Ok, Ok.

You know what's coming next.

But I struggle with adding KG to the party.

The dude, as much as I love him, has absolutely nothing left in the tank. At least with Pierce and Allen, you'd be adding some potential 4th quarter guns, something the Celtics, as currently constituted, sorely lack. What would the Ticket bring? Sure, he could bark out orders on the defensive end. But at what cost? Missing assignments and risking shorter, whiter, and slower dudes driving past and dunking on him? No thanks.

I'm open to counter arguments.

But at the moment no thanks.

Then, of course, you have a limitless combination of younger guns Danny might add before November, and even after.

Cuz let's get one thing straight.

This team ain't nowhere near winning a world's championship at the moment (intentional echoes of Grampa Celtic).

But you gut the roster like we did in 2007, and, well, yes, banner 18 becomes clearly forseeable.

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