Blount tells Doc: "I need more Touches"

November 13, 2005

Blount tells Doc: "I need more Touches"

With another Texas team boasting a big center [Houston's Yao Ming ] in town tonight, Mark Blount revisited his complaints about the way the Celtics played against Tim Duncan . Blount contended his team should have made Duncan play more defense, not allow him to roam around inside and block shots. Translation: Blount thought he needed more touches on offense to keep Duncan honest on defense.

"If I can't score, it would be a problem," said Blount. "I put up numbers. If I pass, I put up numbers. If you want me to play defense, I'll come play defense. I'm out there to play the game also. There's five people out there."

When asked about Blount's belief that Boston should have gone at Duncan on offense, Rivers said, "You mean like we did in the first quarter, because that's what we did. Mark got more touches than any single player on our team in the first quarter.

"I think we should think about playing defense. That was the point I made after the game. If we all were that concerned about our defense, I think we would be a better basketball team."

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