C's May Ink Ellison

C's May Ink Ellison

July 28, 1994

M.L. Carr already has impressed Pervis Ellison with his best sales pitch.

Yesterday, the Celtics' director of basketball operations also gained significant ground with the 6-foot-10 former Bullet's agent, Bill Strickland, moving both sides closer to what may be an imminent agreement.

"We had some helpful discussions today. There is definitely mutual interest between us and the Celtics," said Strickland, who reiterated that Boston is at the top of Ellison's list, which has been cut to two teams. According to Strickland, Ellison has one more situation to examine before making a decision.

Though Miami, with a $1.5 million slot (from Brian Shaw) to offer against the Celtics' $1.1 million slot (from Kevin Gamble), was thought to be that other team, Strickland yesterday said he has not been in contact with Heat officials. The Heat has targeted Danny Manning with that $1.5 million slot, reasoning it could sign Manning with a one-year-and-out clause.

Miami seemingly matters little to Strickland, who said Ellison's process of determining the most desirable destination is almost completed, with the Celtics still ranking as the best situation.

"I don't anticipate this going on much longer, because there is a desire on Pervis' part to get it resolved and get to work on (rehabilitating) his knees," said Strickland. "I'd say we don't have far to go to reach an agreement (with the Celtics).

"I want you to understand that this delay is not on the part of the Celtics. It's been a matter of looking at other situations, which (Ellison) has dismissed."

Carr, who impressed Ellison with his pitch of Boston as place to jump-start his career, wasn't quite as optimistic yesterday when he said, "We're not close. He's just trying to figure out where he wants to go.

"The biggest thing right now is that I don't have a line on it, but from Bill's standpoint, he doesn't want to drag this out," Carr said. "It all boils down to how Pervis wants to work out his leg."

From the Celtics' perspective, the news from tests taken by team physician Dr. Arnold Scheller appears to be good. Ellison's brittle knees appear to be sound.

With that in mind, Carr can't wait to add a rehabilitated Ellison to his restocked frontcourt.

"We're not finished yet, but if this Ellison thing comes through, then we have a bona fide product," he said.

Ellison apparently thinks of the Celtics in the same way. He took Carr's words to heart.

"It was a positive visit," said Strickland. "M.L.'s enthusiasm was well-noted as a player, and he seems to be the same way in his job now. Pervis returned from that visit talking about that.

"I happen to think that should Pervis pick Boston, he would fit in very well. It's a plus for Boston because they expressed interest early on. He wants to see what organization really wants him to play."

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