A 2008 Thank You

April 2008

With one more game to go in the regular season, the team will do it's best to stay interested. Rivers has stressed to his team on a regular basis, "don't get bored with the process," and for the most part, they've been able to do just that. But with the best record in the league, and home court clinched throughout the playoffs, well, understandably, it got a bit tough to keep guys focused. "They've been phenomenal. I think they got bored the last week with the process, there's no doubt about that. Really, [it was] tough the last couple of weeks trying to keep them interested," Rivers conceded. "We've set little private goals for each game just to keep them interested. But they're ready to play meaningful games, I can tell you that."

--Boston Herald

All of us want to see banner number 17 fly next season, and all of us will be extremely disappointed if it doesn't.

But let's be honest. The last eight months have been a blast. It's the most fun we've had as Celtics fans since 1986. If we do win it all this year, it is unlikely that subsequent title pursuits will be as joyous as this one.

The 22-year wait has been long and painful, while the turnaround has been sudden and breathtaking. It’s as if a terminally ill loved-one came out of coma and immediately picked up where they left off when last healthy.

Any additional title pursuits in the Garnett Era simply won’t be cast against the same backdrop.

So I want to give thanks to those who have been responsible for throwing this great party. We’ve paid homage to the Celtics players every day here since the KG trade was announced.

Now it’s time to give thanks to that group of folks Bill Walton used to call "the suits."

Thanks to Danny Ainge for being Kevin McHale’s best friend, and having the temerity to conjure up this deal, and the tenacity to keep after it until it became a reality.

Thanks to Wycliffe Grousbeck and ownership for spending the money to fill-in the roster and make this the deepest Celtics team in a long, long time.

Thanks to Doc Rivers for bringing the team together so quickly, keeping them aiming high without burning them out, and for continuing to motivate them over the last two weeks.

As I stated yesterday, 66 wins is an important milestone. From the email I received, I know I'm not alone in thinking that. This team deserved a special place in Celtics history, and now it has one, even if that special place ends up being confined to the regular season only. Media types are also taking notice of the 66 wins, some even predicting a Celtics steamroll through the playoffs.

As we get ready to close the deal, let's not forget what we've accomplished to date.

--Finished season on 25-4 run after starting 29-3 (one game below .900)

--Finished season fifty games over .500

--66 regular season wins is third most in Celtics history

--Biggest single-season turnaround in league history

--Largest average margin of victory

--Second fewest points-per game allowed (Detroit beat us out)

--Lowest field-goal percentage allowed

--Lowest three-point percentage allowed

--Fewest points in the paint allowed

--Second fewest assists allowed per game

--Season sweeps over the Lakers, Spurs, Dallas, and Houston

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