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Readers of this blog no doubt will recall a three-week stretch (Ok, I realize it felt like three months) where I posted articles  about what Gerald Green has been doing since being dealt for the Big Ticket in July of 2007. These articles include a series of posts where Gerald Green was unstoppable on offense, developed a passion to play defense for Pat Riley's Heat, and earned a post-graduate degree from the school of hard knocks after being cut, benched, and relegated to an overseas afterthought.

And then there was what Isiah Thomas said about Green's second stint with the green.

Despite the volume of evidence to the contrary, several bloggers and pundits had Gerald Green competing for a spot at the end of the Celtics' bench, while a few were even urging Danny Ainge to cut Green in favor of RJ Young and James Hunter (smile).

Many fans bristled at these suggestions.

Who, pray tell, on the current Celtics' roster could score in high volumes off the bench? What current Celtic is thirty-years-old, in the mid-prime of his career, and poses a six-foot-eight-inch defensive challenge to the league's premiere wings? What current Celtic could be teamed with Jaylen Brown to provide a front court of stellar athleticism?

Needless to say, I never saw Green being stuck at the end of the bench, much less being cut.  Danny Ainge didn't take a flyer on Gerald Green. El Jeffe brought him in for a reason, or might we now say reasons (plural). As you can see from box score in game 1, Brad Stevens, too, is on board with what the player formerly known as Employee #5 brings to the Celtics. Gerald will get PT, and it will be enough PT to see if he's got it going. If he does, the minutes will be meaningful. If not, his minutes will be circumscribed. Either way, Gerald Green is here to play a role, and play he will, even as Danny continues to remake the roster throughout the season.

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