Jefferson's stock rises among execs; High praise for Big Al

June 6, 2007

It's easy to do the math and note that Al Jefferson would be coming off his junior year had he decided to go to college. But just how would he rank in this draft? It seems the Celtics aren't overestimating his value.

Most personnel people from around the league are understandably high on Jefferson after he established himself as a regular double-double threat this season. Some are extremely high.

Just about all said that Jefferson would be the third pick in this draft based on what he's shown with the C's.

``Definitely no lower than third,'' said one prominent team leader from the Western Conference, ``and you'd really have to think long and hard about whether to take him at No. 2 (ahead of Kevin Durant).''

That comment came even before it was reported that Durant couldn't bench-press 185 pounds even once during tests administered in Florida. Such news only feeds the belief of some that, while he should still fill out and potentially be a franchise player, Durant is partially a product of how the NBA game is being called these days.

``He would have gotten the crap kicked out of him 10 years ago,'' said one general manager. ``There are a lot of players from the past that you just couldn't guard at all with the way they call fouls now.''

Brown a Buck

Tony Brown has indeed made it to the Milwaukee Bucks staff as an assistant to Larry Krystkowiak, a move announced yesterday but expected from late last week.

But after Brown and the Celts parted company over a new contract (he wanted two years; they were offering one), his agent had some anxious moments regarding a rumor that was floating among coaches. Warren LeGarie was stunned to hear from another coach that Brown left the C's because he thought he should have Doc Rivers' job.

``Nothing could be further from the truth,'' LeGarie said. ``Those guys couldn't be closer. That's one of those things that's so strange it floors you. It's lethal kind of stuff. Anybody who knows Tony knows that that's completely untrue.''

Anxiety allayed

There was initially some concern among team personnel at the predraft camp when BC product Sean Williams pulled out just three days prior to the event. Some wondered not so quietly whether Williams, who had been suspended by the Eagles for marijuana possession, was worried about the physical. Drug tests are not part of all physicals, but league sources confirmed they can be done when there is cause.

The concerns were, however, calmed when it was learned that Williams had asked to be allowed to come in solely for the physical, a courtesy granted to the top-ranked players. In addition, Williams' agent, Charles Grantham, told teams his client is fully prepared to answer all relevant questions about his suspensions from BC.


FLCeltsFan said...

Poor Big Al has fallen off quite a bit from his very promising start. His inability to master playing defense in the post was pretty hard for him to overcome. I like that Danny has been targeting players who put a priority on defense right from the start. Jae, Jaylen, Semi, Smart... Defense wins championships.

Lex said...

Hopefully IT can stay healthy. Should be an interesting season at all positions.

FLCeltsFan said...

You are right - It will be very interesting. We are going to have good competition at just about all positions for playing time. Young guys who are hungry are going to push the older guys. Should be fun to watch!

Lex said...

I don't see how we throw max backs at IT next summer

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