Raef Raves about Celtics


Raef Raves about Celtics

Raef LaFrentz' old Celtics team is now scattered between Minneapolis, Seattle and a small but important bit still in Boston.

It's that small part, considering the changes Danny Ainge was finally able to make, that amazes the Portland forward.

``I think it's an awesome run they're on,'' LaFrentz said before last night's game. ``This is the vision that Danny had the entire time. Things had to happen first, before he could complete it. But what's amazing is that he was able to get his veterans without trading Paul (Pierce),'' he said. ``And that's a great thing.''

Not even the Celtics' burst out of the blocks can obscure what the Blazers are doing, however. The youngest team in the league, even with LaFrentz' 31 years factored in, had won 18 of its previous 20 games heading into last night's game against the Celtics.

``Take away my age and we probably have the average age of a freshman in college,'' he said with a laugh. ``So I'm feeling a little old. It's definitely a unique role.''

It's not necessarily the most enjoyable, though. LaFrentz, who didn't play in 11 games prior to his three-minute appearance against the Nets on Monday, has not received much consideration in Portland's youth movement.

With one more season worth just over $12.7 million left on his contract, he's also movable.

``You never know,'' he said. ``I could be somewhere else tomorrow. I won't say that my situation is something I've wholeheartedly accepted, but I'm where I'm at. I want to be supportive. I have faith in the direction of this franchise.''

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