Passing Grade for Perk


Passing Grade for Perk

Kendrick Perkins had an 11-point, 12-rebound double-double last night, which is not a big deal anymore for the 23-year-old Celtics center.

His four blocks during the 98-88 win over the Hawks weren't a major event, either. He blocked five shots Friday against Charlotte.

But the career-high six assists Perkins put on the board vs. the Hawks were another matter. That is the true measure of how much he is growing.

``He's always been a pretty good passer,'' Paul Pierce said. ``He has that type of ability. If he does this every night we'll be a scary team.''

Celtics coach Doc Rivers credited Kevin Garnett - the best passing big man in the league - for drawing out Perkins' unselfish flair.

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