Ainge Still in No Rush to Deal


Ainge Still in No Rush to Deal

With Jason Kidd on his way to Dallas last night in a blockbuster deal, the Western Conference continues its game of high stakes poker. Phoenix saw the Lakers' pickup of Pau Gasol and raised them a Shaquille O'Neal, and now the Mavericks are getting into it.

``I think you're seeing a pattern of teams that have some hard decisions to make,'' Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge said last night. ``There are teams that are reshuffling the deck and teams that are trying to win now.''

Having done the former, Ainge believes the Celtics are well equipped to do the latter. But with the NBA trade deadline a week from today, he isn't throwing his cell phone into the Charles.

``I'm happy with my roster, but I'm still looking for something that might help us,'' Ainge said. ``I don't really have any specific things I'm hunting for.

``I like our team, so in order for me to do anything it has to be something good. I never say never, but I like our team.''

With the best record in the league, however, the Celts can afford to be picky - and lighthearted. As Ainge was speaking, Brian Scalabrine walked by and the GM was asked about the ``Scalabrine for Kidd'' trade.

``The salaries don't match,'' said Scal, not missing a beat.

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