Agent -0- Changes his Tune


Agent -0- Changes his Tune

There is praise, with no trash-talking, about the Celtics from the outspoken Gilbert Arenas this time. There is no Jordanesque scorer for Boston to worry about tonight, rather an entire team that had the Celtics' number Saturday night. But even though tonight's rematch against the Wizards at the Garden will be a challenge for the Celtics, it won't be the same without the entertaining, three-time NBA All-Star guard in uniform.

"That's what I miss, playing for the crowd, playing for the fans, playing for my crowd," said Arenas, who has been limited to eight games this season because of a left knee injury. "That's hard. I consider myself an entertainer. That's the part that I enjoy."

Before the Celtics' season-opener against Washington Nov. 2, Arenas predicted on his blog on NBA.com that the Wizards would win and he added that Celtics fans "might as well" cheer for him. Boston ended up winning easily, 103-83, and Arenas enthusiastically ate crow after the game.

Now, after the Celtics (30-5) have run off to the hottest start in the NBA, Arenas has changed his tune. In fact, he says the only team better right now is San Antonio, the reigning NBA champion.

"[The Celtics have] been doing a great job," Arenas said. "They went from being one of the worst teams in the league to the second-best team this year just from key trades. That's all players are looking for, someone like Paul Pierce is looking for. They went through the downs, and now they're up."

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