Lakers, Lakers, and more Lakers

 October 12, 1991

The Lakers last night. The Lakers tonight. The Lakers next week.

The Celtics and Lakers play three times in 11 days in the exhibition season. "That tells me one thing," said Robert Parish. "Someone is making a lot of money off of us."

The last time these teams saw so much of each other was in 1985. They went at it four times, and in the last meeting, Parish and Maurice Lucas got into a fight.

Could familiarity again breed such contempt? Parish was asked.

"Nah," the Chief said. "Maurice Lucas was a bully. Period. They don't have any bullies on that team."

Three down

John Bagley (eye), Brian Shaw (knee) and Kevin McHale (foot) were unable to go for the Celtics. That will again hold true for tonight's tilt at the Worcester Centrum . . . Stojko Vrankovic wheezed his way through 28 minutes and had 12 rebounds. He also had four goaltending violations. Parish played the other 20 minutes at center, and that means a DNP for Joe Kleine. "Joe will get his minutes," coach Chris Ford said.

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