Baby Enjoys a Good Cry

December 8, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS - Glen Davis is unapologetic about his display of emotion during the Celtics' win Friday night against Portland. Regarding his actions when he and the subs were confronted by Kevin Garnett after squandering much of a large lead at the Garden, Big Baby said, in essence, that's his personality and he'll cry if he wants to.

Davis could be seen throwing a towel and shedding a tear after Garnett pulled him back into a timeout huddle in the fourth quarter. ``I'm not embarrassed,'' Davis said before the Celtics took on the Indiana Pacers last night. ``I'm not embarrassed at all. I'm emotional about the game. That's one of my best features - being emotional, playing out there with passion. Sometimes it's not always good passion. Sometimes it's bad, but that's just me being young. You have to learn how to funnel that emotion and keep it inside until you put it out.''

The Celts were cruising against the Trail Blazers, but the starters had to be reinserted when the margin got back into the questionable range. ``We had to call a timeout because of the lack of intensity we were bringing on the floor,'' Davis said. ``And I was mad at myself that I had a big part (in that). I feel like I have a big part of funneling the defense and bringing the energy to the time. I held myself high and my teammates held me high and accountable for that.

``I'm just an emotional player, man. I kind of catch myself wanting to be perfect a lot, and I can't be perfect, so I kind of get upset with myself. I am an emotional guy. It's one of my upsides and my downfalls, you know?'' Coach Rivers noted there is no lingering issue.

``It was no big deal to me,'' Rivers said. ``I think it was made big by the way it looked, but I didn't mind what KG was doing at all. I thought what he was saying was absolutely right. And it should have been a quicker conversation, but emotionally at the time Baby wanted to debate it, so he got emotional.

``The only thing I don't like - and I told the team this and Baby this - is that if another player has to spend time calming you down, then you're a distraction at that moment. We are an emotional team, and I want us to be an emotional team, but what I don't want us to be is a distraction to each other while the game's going on.''

What did Garnett say?

``I'm not going to get into what he was saying,'' Rivers said. ``It was delivered in Kevin's way, but it wasn't bad. I heard part of it and he was being honest. When Kevin talks, it's never a personal attack. It's always what the team and the group should do. He was talking to the team as a group. He wasn't even talking to Baby at the time. He was talking to the team as a group, and there's days where guys just don't want to hear it and that was probably one of the days. That's all right.

``The message was delivered and (Davis) heard it eventually. They still love him and there's been a lot of jokes since that in our locker room.'' Any good ones? ``None that I can say,'' Rivers said. ``No, it was good right after the game. They were all laughing about it.'' It wasn't the first time Rivers saw a player cry during a game. ``If you took a charge in my career from (Charles) Barkley,'' said Rivers, ``you probably cried afterward.''

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