Midseason Musings

1. Kudos to Doc Rivers for taking the ingredients to a recipe of unknown quality and turning it into a gourmet meal fit for a king.

2. Kudos to Paul Pierce for overcoming himself, for the most part, and learning to be dominant, without playing heads down, one-on-one basketball.

3. Kudos to Ray Allen for playing through injuries and struggling with adjusting to decreased touches, while finding ways to contribute all the same, and maybe even ways to become consistently more like the Ray Allen we all know.

4. Kudos to Tony Allen for playing the point. No, he's no Tiny Archibald. Heck, he's not even a point guard. Hell, he can barely dribble. But he stepped up to the plate, did the job, and even played a crucial role in a compelling win over the Lakers at Staples. Ever had a job you didn't like, but you had to do it anyway? That's what Tony Allen has done this year at the point, and he has done it about as well as his talents would allow, while recovering from a rather serious knee injury.

5. Speaking of the Lakers, who on God's green earth keeps putting them anywhere near the top of NBA Power Rankings? Come on, people. The purple quit playing, laid down, and cried uncle with seven minutes left of a home game, a game Phil and Kobe declared to be a statement game, a game attended by just about every Laker great. And the purple quit. NBA power? No, NBA pathetic.

6. Kudos to Eddie House for living up to the Vinnie "the Microwave" comparisons, and for playing back-up point about as well as his talents will allow.

7. Kudos to Big Baby for playing Top Ten Rookie ball after getting drafted 35th overall.

8. Kudos to Scot Pollard for continuing to contribute when called upon, even though not called upon consistently.

9. Kudos to Rajon Rondo for exceeding expectations in field goal percentage, ability to penetrate, and overall leadership. You have made yourself a truly indispensable part of the Mission known as Banner 17.

10. Kudos to Tom Thibodeau for whatever role you played in making the Celtics the best defensive team of the millennium.

11. Prayers and worship out to number 5. While whispers of declining numbers and effort are starting to crop up, close observers know the true story. You are the glue, the heart, the soul, and the inspirational leader of this team. You get the green locked and loaded. You get into opponents heads. You make them hang their heads. You make them want to quit. You made the Lakers quit. You are the closest thing to Bill Russell since Bill Russell. You more than anyone are responsible for this team's defensive prowess and defensive dominance. God bless.

12. God bless Danny Ainge for sticking to his guns and his game plan of acquiring young assets to exchange for veterans that could compete for a championship. God bless #32, too, because as much as we loved you while you played here, sending Garnett our way has secured your place among the pantheon of figures in the history of Beantown.

13. Kudos to us. Yes, us. Kudos to Celtics fans who have suffered through 22 years of misery. From the Bias death to the injuries to Walton, Bird, and McHale. From the arse whooping in the '87 Finals to watching the Lakers repeat in 88. From point guards named bagley, upshaw, and minnifield to big men named morningstar, montross, and earl. From Jimmy Rodgers with a perm to Rick Pitino with a weave. From Reggie Lewis' collapse to Paul Pierce's stabbing. From the failed attempt to land Duncan to the failed attempt to land Oden or Durant.

We stuck through it all, and at least for 39 games, our ship has come in.

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