Walton Acquisition Paying Dividends for 86 Cs

This is what the Celtics had in mind when they endured those interminable Bill Walton trade talks last summer.

Playing in his most important game since joining Boston, Walton hit five of six shots last night and grabbed eight rebounds while blocking a whopping seven shots in 16 minutes of a blowout victory over the Lakers. He helped Robert Parish hold Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to 17 points. Abdul-Jabbar shot 6 for 20.

"I love playing against these guys," said Walton. "I'm from southern California so it makes it even that much more fun to show the people back home I can still play. I was enjoying myself tonight and that's sort of why I like to play basketball."

Seven blocks is a Celtic individual high for this season. One can only wonder how many shots Walton might have blocked if he played more than 16 minutes. Walton's shooting percentage also continues to climb. He's made 15 of 19 shots in his last three games.

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