The Beast Unleashed

Did Kendrick Perkins just get a whole lot better?

11 points, three rebounds, and three blocks in fifteen first-half minutes.

I'm confused.

Shouldn't the Beast be worried that PJ Brown's going to take away his PT? That the Perkinator will no longer play enforcer on the blocks now that Mr. Brown is in town?


You know why?

Remember when the Celtics acquired Bill Walton?

Naysayers said a jealousy would develop between him and the Chief.

Instead, what happened was the Chief came out of the gates firing from both holsters. When asked what was responsible for his great start to the 1985-86 season, Parish said the answer was a "who" not a "what."

Go on.

It seems with Walton on board, the Chief felt like he could go all out, balls to the walls until he absolutely needed a breather, at which time Number Five would come in, fresh, energetic, and ready to administer further beatings in the paint.

Quite the contrast from when Greg Kite was the backup.

I say it is this type of effort you are now going to see from the Beast, who, no longer concerned that his only viable back-ups are 6-7 or thereabouts, will feel no compunction about exerting his presence down low.

No matter that PJ's not in the line-up. The mere fact that help has arrived is enough.

The first half against the Bobcats was only our first taste.

The Beast has been unleashed.


FLCeltsFan said...

I love Perk and your analogy to Chief and Walton was very good. Perk has played well this season and does so many things that don't show up in the stat sheets but that are crucial to the wins. He is still playing with a sore shoulder also. Hopefully that will heal and he will be even more dangerous.

Lex said...

Thanks, FLCeltsFan.

And I really appreciate you linking to my blog!

I owe you!!!!

FLCeltsFan said...

This is one of my favorite blogs and so it is my pleasure to link to it. You have excellent articles every day.

Lex said...

Thanks again for your kind comments!!!

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