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Bynum and the Beast

I was reading a Los Angeles newspaper the other day and came across an article projecting a Celtics-Lakers Finals, and evaluating potential player match-ups. After struggling through several sentences over a Paul Pierce-Lamar Odom match-up, the paper gave Pierce the slight nod—whew! I was worried there for a minute (come on, Pierce decimated the Fakers in LA, and Odom barely showed up!!!).

In any event, the best part of the piece was the Bynum-Perkins comparison. “Bynum, obviously, is the choice here.” Lord have mercy. The Celtics and Lakers have played twice this year. In the first game, Bynum was 2-7 in 27 minutes. In the second game, Bynum was 2-2 with two rebounds in 22 minutes.

How did Perk do in the two games?

In game one the Beast was 8-10 for 21 points to go with 9 rebounds in 34 minutes. In game 2, he had 7 points and 7 rebounds in 26 minutes.

Obviously Bynum is the choice here?

Give me a break.

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