Poof! The Lakers Win Streak is Over

Funny that it happens first game after the Cs land Sam and PJ.

Ray Allen said the purpose of a basketball game is to make the other team feel bad about themselves. This is Jesus' version of Duncan's "impose your will" theory. With Sam and PJ on board, there can't be too many teams in the league feeling good about themselves.

It's also humorous that Laker defeats seem to always end with Kobe, the lone wolf, hoisting ugly threes over the last two minutes of the game, as the Kobettes try and retrieve his caroms.

Less funny, but still curious, I'm not sure I get the whole "we're gonna play Gasol, Odom, and Bynum together" thing. They were slow and awkward last night with Luke Walton and Odom at the forward spots.

Things will improve with Bynum and Odom up front?


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