Celtics Doubters Return

First there were those that laughed at roster spots 4-12 after KG was acquired on July 31.

Then there were those who laughed at the competition against whom the Celtics had won 18 of their first 20 games.

Then, after we beat Detroit once and the Lakers twice (make that destroyed the Lakers twice), there were those complaining we hadn't played Dallas or San Antonio.

Having beaten those teams, the Boston Boo Birds took a rest.

Hell, they almost had to.

The Celtics were 7-2 without Garnett, mostly on the strength of a bench playing 70-95 minutes a night, carrying the load for the injured KG and sometimes even a healthy Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. A few Boo Bird even conceded, "wow, the Celtics are much deeper than I ever imagined."

Putting aside the we-need-a-back-up-big and we-need-a-back-up-point-guard contingents, of which I count myself a vocal member, I woke up Sunday morning to find the same old tired, sorry reporters resurrecting the same old garbage from last August.

On ESPN's The Sports Reporters, viewers were treated to the following observations.

The Celtics have played an easy schedule thus far.

They aren't deep

Doc isn't tested.

and my favorite.

The Celtics fantasy season will either come to an end during this West Coast Trip, the next West Coast Trip, the Eastern Conference Finals, or in the NBA Finals


Thanks, bud, for going out on a limb with your prediction.

At this point, a prediction that the Celtics dream season will come to an end in June is about as close to meaningless as you can get. No one guaranteed a title, and all Doc, Danny, KG or the troops ever said was that you want an opportunity to win a championship.

Losing in the Finals, and probably even in the Conference Finals, by definition means you were in the hunt.

No, I wouldn't be satisfied with defeat.

But these Boston Boo Birds need to find a new tune.

If they want to criticize the green, find a legitimate complaint or keep the trap closed.

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