Danny's Such a Kidder

Last night's game ended with 6-7 Leon Powe and 6-7ish James Posey as the Celtics remaining healthy "bigs" ("bigs" in quotes for obvious reasons). The casualty list now includes Kevin Garnett (abs), Kendrick Perkins (shoulder), and Scot Pollard (ankle), as well as new additions Brian Scalabrine (groin) and Glen Davis (knee).

I fully expected to see a headline this morning announcing Danny finally bit the bullet and signed PJ Brown to contract for the rest of the year.

Instead, this is what I read:

“I’m happy with my roster," Ainge said, "but I’m still looking for something that might help us. I don’t really have any specific things I’m hunting for."


Well, let me help out.

The trade deadline is imminent, and free agents not signed by March 1 can't be on the playoff roster.

Do you really want to risk going into the playoffs without another big?

Even if KG comes back 100% and stays healthy the rest of the way, we don't want him playing the five spot for more than a couple minutes here and there.

Sticking KG at the five-spot doesn't play to his strengths.

The mismatch opportunities are greater when he plays the four.

The chance for injury is greater when KG's matched against more physical centers.

KG at the 5 is just a band-aid hiding from view what we now see as a position fraught with peril on a championship contender

Come on, Danny.

All kidding aside.

Get something done here.

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