Wedman Injures Back for 86 Cs

Scott Wedman and the Celtics yesterday announced that Wedman's "personal problem" is a back injury.

Wedman was in Kansas City last night while the Celtics and Warriors battled in the Oakland Coliseum, but is expected to be back with the team for tonight's trip finale in Denver.

When Wedman flew home to KC Tuesday instead of accompanying the Celtics from Phoenix to Oakland, the Celtics refused to explain the reason for his abscence, citing a "personal problem."

When Wedman was officially scratched from last night's lineup, trainer Ray Melchiorre informed the media that Wedman had strained his lower back in the first half of the Phoenix game Monday.

Reached at his home in Kansas City, Wedman explained, "It probably happened in the first half on a fast break. There was a foul on me, and I tripped and fell. It didn't start to bother me until the third and fourth quarters.

"The next morning, I was real sore and it kind of went into spasms. I called Bill (Walton) and Ray to find out if they knew a chiropractor in Oakland."

Melchiorre and Walton didn't know anyone who could help Wedman, so Wedman asked coach K.C. Jones for permission to fly to Kansas City to see his friend Steve Krischel.

"Steve is a chiropractor and a physical therapist," Wedman said yesterday. "And it was quicker than going to Boston."

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