Pollard for Cassell?

If you read that article from Yahoo! linked in the previous post, it sounds like the Celtics are offering an expiring contract plus next year's number one for Sam Cassell.

There are only three players I see with expiring contracts, Tony Allen, Eddie House, and Scot Pollard. I find it hard to believe they would trade a rotational player and a number one pick for Cassell. This would eliminate Tony Allen and Eddie House.

The only other expiring contract I see is Scot Pollard.

What do we know about Pollard?

He's only played in 20 games.

He's injury prone.

He's now wearing braces on both ankles.

Doc has kept him out of the last several games to be "safe."

Or was it because Doc expected him to be dealt during the break?

I'm gonna hope this deal goes down, and then that Danny goes and signs PJ Brown to replace Pollard.

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