Cassell's Impact on the Distrbution of Minutes

Cassell’s ability to play both guard spots would put the squeeze on everyone behind Rajon Rondo [stats] and Ray Allen. But Rivers is sticking to a firm policy here. “We don’t talk about our minutes on this team,” he said. “It’s about our wins.” Eddie House, an explosive shooting guard who has been backing Rondo up at the point this season, can do the math.

--Boston Herald

Doc's the boss, and has proven thus far he's up to the task.

But I have to say that if he doesn't use Cassell's arrival as an opportunity to give Ray Allen a few more minutes of rest each game, it would be a mistake. I understand where Doc might be coming from. Ultimately, you want your best players on the floor for the better part of most games, especially in close contests. You also have the subject of chemistry, specifically the need to develop it between Cassell and his new teammates.

Nonetheless, Ray Allen has proven he is more effective when well-rested. On the season he is averaging 38 minutes per game, and over the last five games he is averaging just under 37. I'd like to get this number down to 34.

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