...Or Maybe they Can't be Defended

One of the more interesting sights to be taken in this season was the manner in which the Bobcats and Hawks thought they'd try and contain Rajon Rondo.

Triple teams.

He's leading a fast break.

Three guys collapse on him.

He feigns left and drives right.

Surrounded by three guys.

He twitches his upper lip.

You get the idea.

Perhaps this explains why he had 16 assists.

I love Rajon Rondo. Doesn't everyone? But a triple team is not the answer. Even a double team seems a tad bit excessive.

Then again, I've never tried to defend number 9. He is awfully talented and awfully fast. And then he has those long arms and huge hands.

Ok, maybe you need to throw more than one guy at him. If so, another reason for Wyc to place an advance order with the banner factory, cuz that only leaves two or three guys to defend against four Celtics, three of whom are usually named Garnett, Pierce, and Allen, and the fourth, I hear, is a Beast in the paint.

Good luck.

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