KC Jones Invokes Docspeak

New York Times (NY)
June 10, 1986

Through 82 victories, 67 during the regular season and 15 in the playoffs, Coach K. C. Jones, his aides, and Red Auerbach, the club's president, were repeatedly asked whether the Boston Celtics were the best team ever assembled in the 40-year history of the National Basketball Association.

Their responses were always the same. "Regular season wins don't mean anything." they would say." "We've got other goals in mind." And the ever most popular "We haven't won anything yet."

After the Celtics won their 16th championship in 30 years Sunday afternoon by eliminating the Houston Rockets, four games to two, Jones was again asked the question.

"Times change and the game changes," said Jones, who earned his 15th championship as a collegian, an Olympian, a pro player and a pro coach. "But during the time I've been around, I would have to say this is the greatest team ever assembled. Not only does it have great chemistry but they are the most intense and determined team I have ever been associated with."

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