Ray Allen: The Surgeon

If Ray Allen keeps playing the way he did last night, I may have a new nickname for him, cuz he's carving up defenses like a surgeon with a scalpel.

Starting with the game after the initial All-Star snub, Ray made a point of coming out with guns a-'blazin, firing up shots left and right, and making a lion's share. But after the poor shooting performance in Phoenix, we've seen a different Ray Allen:

Judicious and efficient.

He seems to be picking spots where he's most likely to hit his shot, most likely to do damage.

This is what we expected when we acquired him, and if the NBA was sickened by the PJ Brown and Sam Cassell additions, then they must be absolutely green (ha!) as they witness the Surgeon pick apart defenses with medical precision.


I wrote this after watching the Bobcats' game, but as it turns out, his 7-11 performance against the Hawks was equally judicious and efficient. In his last five games, he's shooting 34-55 (.618!) overall and 16-26 (.615!!)from the arc.

The Surgeon is living up to his new name.

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