"Every time we watch Rajon Rondo, he get's better."


It looks like what I said about Kendrick Perkins benefiting from the arrival of PJ Brown will also apply to the play of Rajon Rondo benefiting from the arrival of Sam Cassell.

After Rondo's 9-point, 16-assist, 6-rebound, 2-steal performance against Charlotte, it appears that young Rajon has been pacing himself at point guard much the way Kendrick was pacing himself in the pivot.

Can you blame him?

With his primary back-ups consisting of Eddie House, a spot-up shooter, and Tony Allen, a slash-and-drive wing, Rondo had no choice but to go three-quarters speed to insure he was in the game at crucial moments.

With Sam on board, expect to see more of Rondo playing at light speed.

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