Wolves Broadcaster Calls KG a Choker

Chad Hartman, a former Minnesota Timberwolves broadcaster, reflects on the Celtics-Spurs game, and, in doing so, basically calls out KG as a choke artist.

He advises Boston fans what to expect come playoff time.

Highlights include:

--KG is a "very insecure" player (history of shooting air-balls during final minutes)

--KG "clutches up" in the fourth quarter (eg., bad pass at end of Spurs game)

--He's not even the MVP of his own team (Paul Pierce)

--He comes up with "brutal" performances in all four quarters of big games (e.g., Game 6, WCF's)

--Leadership skills are overrated

--Practicing hard and ball-sharing are not leadership skills

--Hartman's sidekick echoes sentiment that KG is "greatest #2 player of all time"

The Celtics success sure must be a bitter pill for these various Wolves personalities to swallow, as they are coming out of the woodwork by the bushel-full.

Here is the link to the full discussion.

Scroll to the mid-way point of the progress bar, or thereabouts.


wdleehi said...

I think the Wolves organization would be best served to move on from KG. The constant attempts to take shots at KG by owner and now broadcaster in an attempt to try and make it look like the T-Wolves made a better trade then people say is going to hold back the franchise. The team got Jefferson back. He is a future all-star. Not as good as KG, but a good piece towards rebuilding.

The T-Wolves organization needs to look towards the future, not back at KG.

Lex said...


What an honor to have a Celtics blog moderator visit my humble site!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow celticsblog member, I would like to say that your site is fast becoming my number 1 read each day. You have a very captivating writing style.

Lex said...

slam, with what might be the best compliment to date!!!!

I am your faithful servant.

Well, at least that's how us grant used to sign his letters.

Now it sounds a little funny...


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