Skippy Boy Bayless Goes Down with a Wimper

August 2007
KG roars like Tarzan, but plays like Jane.

December 2007
The Celtics don't match-up well against the Pistons, and lack their experience.

The Celtics party will soon come to an end when they travel West and play Utah and the Lakers.

March 2008
The Celtics will be fortunate if they win one game in Texas.

May 2008
The Celtics don't have the heart to get out of the East.

June 2008
The Lakers are younger, deeper, and better coached than the Celtics, and, quite frankly, the Lakers big three is better.

I want to congratulate the Boston Celtics. I simply didn't think they could win it all with as much trouble as they were having against Atlanta and Cleveland in the first two rounds.


I can't believe I waited all year to hear him eat crow, and that's the best he can do.

I'm soooo disappointed.


KMITB said...

Skip is nothing but a windbag...of course he won't expound on what he said in the past...because according to him...he is never wrong!

Lex said...

I can't begin to tell you how much this guy annoys me.

I'm not sure exactly what he did or said, but he seemed to just froth with anti-Celtic venom.

Anonymous said...

You also forgot to mention: he called Kevin Garnett "Kevin GarNOT".

I'd like to say that he's a stupid ESPN reporter but since pretty much ALL of the ESPN people picked the Lakers, does Skippy really fall that far from the average?

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