Cassell to be Player-Coach?

``I want to play one more year, but if I don't, I know for a fact I'll have an assistant coaching job next year,'' Cassell said. ``In five years, I should be a head coach in this league. ``It's something I want to do, that I have passion for, something that I know if I get the opportunity, I'll make the best of it.''

``Sam's got a great sense for the game,'' Celtics swingman Paul Pierce said. ``He's got a high IQ, he's real vocal and he loves it. Those are the type of guys you look for when you're looking for a coach.''

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he'd hire Cassell on the spot.


I know we've all read this before. But now I am wondering if Cassell will just come back as an assistant to Doc, and then suit up when injuries dictate. They'd leave a roster spot open to accommodate the arrangement.

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