The Cleveland Series

It is amazing to look back on the Cleveland series and realize how close we were to elimination in the Conference Semis. At the two-minute marker of the seventh game, the Boston Celtics were up by one point--at home. Over the last two minutes, LeBron had been raining down threes from a good three feet behind the arc. He had driven past the league's best defensive player, and then, after Garnett had caught up with him, hoisted a one-handed Parishesque moonball over the Big Fella for yet another Cleveland basket.

Most people are concerned about the loss of James Posey.

I'm no less concerned about the loss of PJ Brown.

Everyone remembers his 21-foot jumper in the final minute to push the Celtics lead back to three. But does anyone remember his other two baskets in the final minutes, including one after he grabbed some offensive glass? Then, of course, you have his timely and intimidating blocks throughout the playoffs, my two favorite being against the Lakers, one against the little black mamba and the other against Lamar "Antoine Walker, Jr." Odom." Last but not least, you have the PJ's dunk over Kobe in the final minutes of the historic game 4 comeback.

But I digress.

The Cleveland series is so interesting and so compelling that I'm left to wonder if the Cavs weren't the second best team in the playoffs. I don't mean talent-wise, but overall difficulty to beat. They might have been the second best defensive team in the playoffs, and, after Pierce, had the best player in the playoffs on their roster.

I think the Cavs would have beaten the Lakers, too.

While we're on the topic of beating the Lakers, the Hornets might have handled them as well, and, with the addition of Nails, I expect them do dethrone the Ls as champions of the West this year. Kind of odd that I will be rooting for Byron freakin' Scott.

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