Celtics to Workout Antoine Walker, Kobe Bryant

Antoine Walker's First Year in Green

The Celtics, meanwhile, are back in the workout and interviewing stage with potential draft picks. Yesterday they brought in a leviathan named Priest Lauderdale, who spent the last two years playing Greece. He is 7 feet 3 inches, 343 pounds and might take Thomas Hamilton's seat on the team plane. However, he is not expected to be a serious candidate for the ninth pick. Today the team will look at Roy Rogers, a 6-10 shot-blocker from Alabama. Next week the Celtics have appointments with John Wallace and Antoine Walker and may look at Kobe Bryant.


FLCeltsFan said...

This headline caught my attention. I really hate Kobe Bryant and wouldn't want him on the Celtics no matter how good he is....

Lex said...

Yeah, pretty funny we were looking at him. No Bryant, no Pierce.

I wonder how he would have survived the Pitino years?

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