Kobe Bryant Gets ML's Attention

Antoine Walker's First Year in Green


ML Carr's head was turned by Kobe Bryant's audition yesterday morning. The 18-year-old Pennsylvania high school player of the year gave the Celts something to think about, though there was still doubt the 6-foot-6 shooter will be taken as high as No.9.

"The kid has bona fide NBA talent," said Carr. "I know he's just 18, but that didn't stop the ball from going in the basket. He showed us things that you don't usually associate with an 18-year-old kid. And he's very mature, having been brought up in an NBA family (father Joe played for the Sixers and Clippers) and having spent time in Italy while his father was playing there."

Questions surrounding whether Shareef Abdur-Rahim will stay in the draft are clouding the top of the lottery, but it's a fair assumption that Georgetown's Allen Iverson, UMass' Marcus Camby, Georgia Tech's Stephon Marbury, UConn's Ray Allen and Kentucky's Antoine Walker will be in the first group of names announced.

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