Darius Declined More Money, Guaranteed Money

According to your friend and mine, Peter May,

Miles’ agent, Jeff Wechsler, said there was a lot of interest in his client and a few workouts as well. (The New Jersey Nets were one of the teams who had Miles in.) Many of them were willing to offer Miles more than $5 and a bag of Doritos.

“He could have gotten more money, guaranteed money, but he didn’t want that,” Wechsler said. “In this case, it really wasn’t about the money. He’s getting paid (by Portland.) Boston is where he wanted to go. He’s in a situation where he can win. He’s around a good group of guys. That’s key.”

Granted, Portland is paying Miles $9m a year for doing nothing. So the question becomes how much money does one guy need? I still like the fact that he turned down guaranteed dough to play for the Celtics. It's further proof he wants to win and show everyone that he has enough talent to make an impact on a championship-caliber team.

It also tells me that if other teams were willing to guarantee him more money, then reports of his knee being largely heeled are not exaggerated.


1111 said...

ok, it's summer basket, but I really belive this guy want to play and want to redeem himself.
The first time i read the news about him i think Danny did it again: a great unconventional move. DM could lay in the beach drinking margaritas instead of trying to play and rehab. He's really willing. He'll be a steal if heatly. I wish him best luck ;)

Lex said...

Me too, 1111.

Sorry for the crappy post.

The blogger reverted to a post I edited like 8 revisions ago...

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