The President, er, I mean, KG, is in a Secure Location...

ESPN's Jon Robinson tells us this story:

I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles where I was told to catch a cab to Beverly Hills. The 90210 address turned out to be a parking lot where I was then informed to search for an unmarked white van. Wait, it gets better/stranger. I start walking around the lot and head up to the second floor of a parking garage where I see a van, but when I ask if the driver's the one taking me to Kevin Garnett, the guy inside rolls up his window without saying a word and storms off like I was about to jack him for his ride. Wrong van.

That's when I make a phone call to the guy who set up the interview. Turns out he's in the van I'm looking for but it's not even in the lot so he's on his way to pick me up. A few minutes later I'm whisked away to a mansion in the hills where a group of KG's friends are sitting inside playing an early copy of NBA 2K9 while Garnett is prepping inside a tightly secured black trailer for the commercial spot he's about to shoot.

When I climb inside the trailer, I'm finally greeted by a grinning Garnett who points at my white and green adidas. "You got the bad boys on right there," he says.

I laugh, but all I want to know is one thing: "Is meeting you always some sort of covert operation?"

"I wouldn't say covert op, but it's a secure area," he says. "You shouldn't feel threatened or bothered. You should feel secure while you're in here with me. Once you leave, though, I can't speak on that."

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