KG Talkin' Mini-Dynasty

Every Celtics team ... had their run, and its multiples. It's only right that we set our mark in this league. Timmy [Duncan] did it with the Spurs, Kobe [Bryant] and Shaq [O'Neal] did it [with the Lakers]. This is my opportunity to do it. I'm trying to take advantage of it fully right now.


Kevin McHale likes to tell it like this.

He was drafted in 1980, and less than 12 months later the Boston Celtics hoisted the first banner of the Bird Era. One year, one ring. Five years later, McHale had three rings. Three rings in six years. Not too bad.

And just like that...Poof...it was over.

No team will have another run like the 1960s Boston Celtics. Today teams are lucky to string together three championships over a short period of time, with the Bulls, Lakers and Spurs representing counterexamples.

I'm not going to make any predictions as to how many championships we'll win during the KG Era. But I will confess that one of the first things I did after we won number 17 was run to my computer to see how many years KG had left on his contract.

Four years.

That's an awful long time.

Think about all that transpired in Celticdom between 1982 and 1986.

When KG's contract expires, the Celtics' run of playing championship-caliber basketball will most likely be over.

So, like KG, let's try to enjoy our time at the top as much as we can.

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The Kid said...

I'm not sure how many championships Garnett will win but I know there will be at least 1 more.

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