The Scalabrine Sweepstakes Begin

The Celtics might waive another player with a low contract or make a trade to accommodate both Cassell and Miles (the roster limit is 15). "We've got a month to find out," Ainge said.

--Boston Globe


Brian Scalabrine

Brian Scalabrine has only two years left on his contract, at a little more than $3m per year. He could easily be dumped for a second-rounder. If you think Leon Powe and Big Baby Davis are both more viable back-ups for Kendrick Perkins, then dumping Veal for next to nothing makes sense, especially when you consider how much luck Danny has with second rounders. Personally, I think Powe and BBD are both more talented than Scals, but I'd prefer to keep Scals in the mix just to be on the safeside, since we're starting camp with our starting center on the shelf. I'm handicapping a transaction involving Scals as my second most likely scenario.

Gabe Pruitt

I don't like to think big when it comes to roster spots 12-15, but every now and then I permit myself a guilty pleasure. On this note, I have Gabe Pruitt penciled in as the Celtics version of Rodney Stuckey. Is it really all that impossible? I mean, how many draft picks separated the two players on draft night? On the other hand, Gabe could bomb out and get cut.
I'm handicapping a transaction involving Pruitt as my third most likely scenario.

Bill Walker

Short of getting caught smoking some funny stuff in the locker room, Billy Walker and JR Giddens WILL NOT get cut from the Celtics before the regular season gets underway. There's a small chance Walker might get dumped for a second rounder if he disappoints. But ultimately he's more physical and more explosive than Gabe, and has a bigger upside.
I'm handicapping a transaction involving Walker as my fourth most likely scenario.

Carrying Four Point Guards

This, of course, doesn't leave us with many options. The roster is currently at 16, and we need to get down to 15. Carrying four point guards on the roster doesn't seem likely, yet if Sam Cassell and Gabe Pruitt both make the team, that is exactly where we'll be. The Celtics keeping Cassell, Pruitt, House, and Rondo all on the roster heading into game 1 of the regular season is my least likely scenario.

Then we have my personal favorite.

Sam Cassell Player-Coach

Danny: Sam, you gotta minute?

Sam: Sure.

Danny: Step into my office, please.

Sam: What's up (closing door)?

Danny: I'm not starting the regular season with four point guards on the roster. Nor am I going to cut loose any of our other point guards. They are just too good. Which brings me to you.

Sam: Uh oh.

Danny: No. No, uh oh. Well, not if you are willing to move into coaching a year early.

Sam: I'm listening.

Danny: You start the season on the bench, and if any of the other three point guards get hurt or underperform, we make room for you.

Sam: Sounds good. But let me think about it.

Even odds says this conversation has already been had.

On the other hand, Sam may still have some tricks left in his bag. If he comes into camp and outplays Gabe by a wide margin or someone else on the bubble plays themself off the team, Sam may just start the season on the active roster afterall.


Anonymous said...

this year team looks terrific!
and cosider that we r "debating" about the 16th player, but just 12 can play...
maybe the season will ends not as we hope (lots of bad things could happen) but i think this team is great! and Danny will still bring what needed after the all star break ;)

Lex said...

Good point.

Debate over 16th man.

Gotta love it.

Still a tad nervous about the back up to perkins.

On the other hand, pollard was injured most of last year.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone give up anything, even a draft pick, for Scalabrine though? I wouldn't be surprised if he just cut him and eat the contract.

Lex said...

I bet there are a few teams that would cough up a second rounder for him.

Personally, I'd rather have scals than a second rounder. A taller veteran presence who goes with the flow and plays decent defense at times.

Anonymous said...

Gey Lee

Scal doesn't play good Defense. He's active but has no skills, his lateral foot work is the worst of all our big men and that includes Perk.

He gives you the sense that he's right into it while he never stops the penetration or block the lanes.

Next game while the C's are on defense just keep ypur eyes on Scal only and you will see what I'm saying.

Unforetunetly we are stuck with him unless we have this 2 for 1 trade but that would necessitate Scal and Pruitt or BBD. I don't like it. I say make Sam the new assistant coach.

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