E.Will and Antoine Becoming Fast Friends


Antoine Walker's Rookie Campaign

On Monday, M.L. Carr said he wanted his most recent first-round picks to form a duo. When he mentioned that Eric Williams and rookie Antoine Walker would be ``joined at the hip,'' it sounded as if he were conceding to fans' wishes of playing both for 40 minutes a night.

He said that isn't the case, but he gave them both starts last night against the Hawks. The Celtics won, 103-85. Why change now?

``I think we might try them again on Friday,'' Carr said after the game. He was smiling. Earlier, he talked of Walker, especially, being on a steady course in which the word ``rush'' will never be used. Before the game, he detailed some of the expectations for the 6-foot-9-inch forward.

``We already know he's a good ballhandler and sees the floor well,'' Carr said. ``Now we want him to concentrate on delivering the ball, setting up his teammates. We want to see him get to know where guys like to get the ball. He can play the point, but some nights we'll send him out there and say, `Just play.' ''

The results: 15 points, seven rebounds, six assists, five turnovers and a blocked shot.

``I think he was patient tonight,'' Williams (25 minutes) said of his partner.

``I think we play well together,'' Walker (28 minutes) said of Williams.

Carr said the plan is for Walker to grow into the job and for Williams and Walker to grow together. ``It's a natural, really,'' he said. ``They are our last two picks and they play well together. They're already becoming good friends off the court.''

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